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What is a Cookie?A cookie is a text file. That's all. Website designers will use cookies for a variety of reasons. If you go to a website that allows you to customize a page so that it looks the same everytime you visit it, the designer will store these pieces of design information in a Cookie.

If you become a member or some site that wants to make you navigation easy, they will store your membership info in a Cookie so that you are instantly recognized when you visit the site.

Controlled access can be achieved via a Cookie so that you can't view pages unless you have signed in with a UserID and Password. Usually these cookies expire after you leave the site.

There are many ways a cookie can be used, from simply seeing what pages you visit to allowing you to use an on-line shopping cart! Many people balk at the thought of someone seeing what pages of their website you visit. The consideration most people don't stop for here is that it is the Designers website, why shouldn't he be able to tell what you visit? That way he can improve content on popular pages and remove or enhance un-popular pages.聽

How Cookies work.A Cookie is a text file. That's it. It can be created via a Perl script, Javascript, Active Server Pages etc. A Cookie is text information that is transferred from the server to your Browser via the HTTP protocol and then stored on your hard drive. It is not an executable file, it is not some nefarious info sniffer from Techno-World, it is only a text file.

If a site uses a Cookie then everytime you visit that site, if the browser has a Cookie stored on it, it transfers that Cookie to that site. The program on the site using the Cookie then access the information and acts upon it.

It is important to understand here that a Cookie will only be transfered to the site that created it. Part of the Cookie is the domain name of the site that created it as well as the path to the program that access it. Unless the domain and path match exactly as they were set, the Cookie IS NOT TRANSFERED! There is no way for someone from one site to see the contents of the Cookie from another site. It's just mechanically not possible.聽

Are Cookies dangerous?NO! As I said, it is a text file and that is all. It is not an executable and can't do anything to your computer!

Consider the following:

  1. I can write a Perl program that will broadcast your name and e-mail address to thousands of mailing lists.
  2. I can write a Perl program that will display any personal information you give it to tens of thousands of people by simply accessing a mailing list program.
  3. I can write Javascript that will launch a program on your computer.
  4. I can write Javascript that will close your browser.
  5. I can write Javascript that will launch thousands of copies of your browser program, thereby crashing your computer.
  6. I can write a Java program that will ERASE YOUR HARDDRIVE!!!

Think of all the things I can do to you with Perl, Java and Javascript. Think of how many site you visit that interact with a Perl CGI application. Think of how many thousands of pages out there have Javascript embeded in them. Think of how many Java applets you download and run! You download and run all those pages on your browser without giving a single thought to what the underlying Javascript can do to your computer.

Cookies are text files as I've said, they can do nothing except sit on your computers hard drive until called or they expire.聽



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IOW SERVICE is located in Kochlice in Poland and are responsible for the repair, field service, overhaul, spare parts and OEM support. We have good equipped work shop with test bench and trained mechanics. In our warehouse we do have spare parts as well as exchange and overhauled untis available ex stock.聽


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